Balinese Tourism for Future “Chance and Challenge ”

picture created by Mario Blanco

Bali, the island of paradise, have been famous in the world. Many people said that Balinese nature was amazing. Not only the beautiful nature but also the vary culture give many colors in Balinese life. Its culture get big influence from Javanese and India culture. The name of  Bali come from “Balidwipa”, Its meaning is Bali island. Bali Province consist of eight regencies and one municipality, They are Badung regency, Tabanan regency, Bangli regency, Buleleng regency, Gianyar regency, Jembrana regency, Klungkung regency, and Denpasar town.

Tourism give big contributions for Balinese social and economy, in order that It give 45% tourism revenue for Indonesia in year of 2009. The tourism in Bali is growing well right now after Bali bombs incident that get thousands victims from domestic and international. Since years ago, the government had made efforts to get sustainable safety condition for tourism, such as “Bali for The World” program. That efforts give a big changes to Bali, the Business climates start up, market trend grow better, and the trust of international and domestic about intern safety come back.

The advantages of the Balinese expanding tourism are the good chance to grow better in the future. They are increasing its own province revenue from tourism, support the contributions of local genius, and brush up infrastructure and superstructure generally for society. The revenue come from building and tourism territory taxes, sales of micro industry product, investment on reservation and accommodation. The effect of decentralization will give us many choice to get much more revenue form tourism. Despite of booming tourism influences, the government have to control and manage the economy climates in Bali.

Behind the glamour of tourism in Bali, there are many challenge in the future. What should we do to keep sustainable this chance longer is the big question for society and government. According to my observation, the booming tourism has bad influence too. The effect of globalization in culture and society bring us to distorts of moral and tradition in Balinese culture. The people prefer to enjoy the west life style to the traditional one. They become very consumptive at all. Many of youth are going to forget about their own culture, their life style become glamour. In other that, much more of environment consequential damage was happened. The space for Greenfield in the Bali is tighten, it’s caused by function transition about land use from Greenfield to reservation or accommodation for tourism. Agricultural sector is considered grow down because of  land use gradation.

The solutions need sinergy form goverment, society, and stakeholders to search the best way. So many chance and challenge behind Balinese tourism, it’s like boomerang for Bali when they can not control and manage clearly. It depend on our efforts to keep “ The Paradise” for future, for the next generation.


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