Saturday Morning in Greenfield

July 10th, 2010. The world cup euphoria was so amazing. I and my friends always watching the world cup match. We thought this the moment to get any greats euphoria. Sometimes it made us wake up late, and run fast to campus, but we still enjoyed it.

For the first time in this month, I felt unusual when I woke up in the morning. I woke up on five a clock. Taking my jogging shoes and walked alone to Greenfield near my house.  I liked the fresh air around the jogging track in the morning. It made  me so comfortable.  I usually  washed my hand with Dew drops in the grass, my mom said that It can made we still young every day, the jokes when I was child.  Twenty meters from my step, I saw a couple of elderly woman got starching for playing tennis, children who played football in the cold morning without dress, and teenagers who played basketball. Until 7 a clock, I still jogging alone and finally joined playing basketball. I liked basketball very much.

When I was in senior high school I made a basketball team with my closed friends, until we graduated and leaved taking each others. I played enthusiastically with them. Get a three point shout, and block the opponent were made me satisfied. After a few minutes, we got a rest, and another players switch to play in the court. Do you know what’s happened? There was a young girl with her team playing basketball too. She was so cute and beautiful. Her basketball techniques was so great. When she looked at me, (I don’t know what I have to write to express my feeling in that time) haha…

Well, never mind could met a girl like that. Finally, after got a rest for a while, I leaved basket ball court and went to futsal court. My Balinese team played versus North Sumatra team in my campus National Sport Challenge League. In first round, score 2-0 for North Sumatra, they played quickly and effectively. In the second one, the score was 2-2, my team was more impressive. It finished by penalty, and my team became the winner.

“What a sporty Saturday ” I learned more things this Saturday, the spirit of team work can made we won, and a beauty girl (basketball girl in the morning) was a motivation to get health hahaha… just kidding. Have a nice day every one, keep your health !


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