Online Social Networking for Life

In this time, many people use information and technology (IT) for everything in their life. The globalization has changed a lot of things in human life. Using IT can help them to make life more simple. Not only IT products like computer, hand phone, and iPad, but also online social networking expand quickly. IT growth in Indonesia is much better every year. In the year of 2010, Indonesia become the IT fastest growing country in ASEAN. It’s caused by the high respond from society in Indonesia.  Executive Director ASEAN Consumer Sales Leader said that market potency in Indonesia was bigger than the other country in ASEAN.

A social network is a social structure made up of individuals or organizations called “nodes,” which are connected by one or more specific types of interdependency , such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige. Social networking was made to connect people in the world.

Social networking make interaction easier among the people, although they separated by long distance. It’s caused by live time communication. The easy communication can used for a lot of purposes, such as for marketing, education, economy and business, culture, politics, and social. Social software is defeated major aspect of conventional communication technology such as telephone. In other that, price for social network become cheaper than conventional communication.

There are many kinds of social networking. They are Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Friendster, My Space, Kaskus, Xanga, Tagged, Hi5, Blog and etc. Each social networking provide much more facilities from user. It have own specification of features and performance. The management system of social networking depend on the capacity of user activities. It connect people in all around of the world. Connectivity of social networking is different in each country. It depend on government policy in IT regulatory to maintain another effect of technology. In South Asia country such as Pakistan, the government prohibit the used of facebook social networking. In their opinion, facebook give bad influence for their people.

Facebook is the most favorite social networking right now. More than 400 million people in the world have facebook accounts. It surpass other social networking like MSN and Yahoo. In December 2004, there were more than one million active users, then in year of 2005 It expanded until 5,5 million users. The number of active users increased until twelve million in 2006, fifty million in 2007, 100 million in 2008, and 250 million users in 2009. Facebook provide many features on Its performance. The features are like games, video share and streaming, picture share, chatting option, fan pages, and lay out maintenance. This features make Facebook become multifunction social networking, that is why It is booming right now.

There are many advantages of social networking in the world. In Indonesia, government often socialize many things about education, health info, politics, overcoming of life from disaster, economy, and others information. For example in general election 2009, many politics candidates promoted themselves via Facebook. Majority of users are youth, they use social networking to get many virtual friends. By social networking we can share our opinion easier. Information transfer’s facilitated well. When we need something or we want know about something, we only post in short massage or status then there are many responds from our friends. Social networks have also been used to examine how organizations interact with each other, characterizing the many informal connections that link executives together, as well as associations and connections between individual employees at different organizations.

Although there are many advantages of social networking, It has disadvantages for us. First, It reduce work performance of people. In my opinion, when employees, students, or others use Facebook when they work or do something, it reduce effective time for work. According to last online survey in Indonesia, more than 85% students used social networking, and about 70% students online every day. American Physiologist have diagnosed new syndrome for Facebook users. They called it FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder). This new syndrome infected everyone who connected with Facebook every day. Their motto is “no day without Facebook”

Second, there is social life transform. Many people argue that interactions on social networking are good enough, this decrease frequency for meet face to face between others. There is missing thing which become the main point of direct communication. Eye contact, face expression, sound of laughing can not replaced  by  sequence of words or videos.

Third, there are confusion and contamination about private area or public one, In social networking users are free to express or post something. Sometimes, users do not realizes when they come in to private area or public one. This reason caused unintentionally spreading  private photos or videos to public. The actual news is about pervasion porn celebrities videos in society. It has bad effect for youth and children attitude and mental development. The last is that social networking used for negative organizations or activities. They usually used fan pages or groups to get their purpose, this activities can be provoked by someone or group. So the safety of social network account is important to upgrade.

So what should we do? In my opinion, for the better future is needed synergy between users, government, and social networking administrator. As user of social networking, we have to selective to chose some of social networking. Sometimes, there is social networking which no share limit for upload bad videos or photos to public.

Government should give  their contribution as regulator to avoid misunderstanding with society. For that reason government have to make information and technology law. It contains rights and liabilities for user and administrator, reward and punishment system, and legal requirements for justice.  The freedom of access social networking via internet for the age under 17th should be anticipated. It’s purposed to protect them from bad influence of social networking especially pornography. In this case, character of parents are important, they have to guide their children use social networking correctly.

The administrator of social networking have to filter all of things posted by users. If there are not qualified posting for example contain pornography, racism, or terrorism, the administrator should warned user or banned user automatically. This regulation will reduce bad influence of social networking. That is needed for sustainable social networking in the world. So, online social networking for life??



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