Today is a new day

July 26 th 2010, Work in front of my laptop and realize today is awesome. Today is my day, when I got up in the morning, trying to refresh my mind because of last nightmare. Still hearing “Last thing on my mind” by R. Keating with my headset, I remmember my old story when I was in high shcool when I find the meaning of friendship and love hysteria.

I grow as a human. I always learn from my experiences, but I think that I’m wrong doing that, something’s wrong exactly! As a teenager, we need someone who can care about us, may be It’s usual for all teenagers. I can’t describe my feeling when I write this note right now, I feel happy, sad, proud, grogy, angry, so on.

In the last of twenty minutes on last sunday, I sit and close my eyes but not sleep. There’s no sound anymore, so quite and calm. Today is a new day. I hope in the morning I will see the sunshine, Let the God light my steps up. I believe I’m in to you. Thanks for today god, finally I know how to make life story like a book, and know my family and my friends love me.


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