Hold Your Head, Feel The Sensation

July, 28th 2010. In this day I find something special for my self.  After taxes administration class, I get a  lunch break in cafeteria with my friends. Today is a hard day. I have to join all session of class until evening so I prepare my nutrition supply well. When I enjoy the rest time, my friend give me some magazine. I pick one of them, Men’s Health Magazine. Opportunely the cover’s photo of this magazine is Balinese man, Made, the winner of “Be Our Cover 2005” competition. His body is wonderful and strong with six pack, big tendon of body mass.

I continue my reading until find an unique article, “Train Your Brain”. The article advised us to keep concentrating when we get an exercise or our exercise would stopped. One of the unique techniques to train our brain is hold your head. Do you know why? Keep reading this note.

Hold Your Head?

Do you know? When you keep hold your head, It can help us to maintain positive thinking. Try this exercise: close your eyes now, then try to think a negative one, like your shadow slugged a pick axe to a wood , then take a bow. Keep the feeling and hold your head slowly, take a long breath, then take a bow again, do it twice or more. When you take a bow, the negative thinking feels so real, and when you hold your head It lost.

Early I don’t believe that what I’ve read, that’s only a funny jokes. I prefer walking by take a bow, watch my steps overall. Suddenly, I see some people walk come in to me when I’m back to campus for next class. They are students same like me, but I don’t know them exactly. The surprise is all of them walk by take a bow. I try to see in their eyes but they see me trice, no expression, no smile, It’s real.

I feel so weird, “That’s some thing wrong with me?” but I keep on moving. This is the funniest thing I’ve done, unaware I ‘m moving and hold  my head. I don’t realize why I do something like that. Actually I feel so quite and calm. Take a long breath slowly, smile cheerfully, see at the big blue sky, so beautiful.

This feeling make me doing something better in the rest of today. I meet some people (read: young girls) when jogging and they smile to me. I’m back to my house and meet my friends, they said that there’re something different with me. I feel more fresh right now. After you read this note, If you don’t believe or you think it’s the funniest jokes, keep walk in your ways and waiting the coincidence come in to you 🙂


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