One Moment in Time, STAN Judicium 2011

September’ 22 2011, What a wonderful day in my life time. Along the night before I can’t close my eyes, just laying on my bed, my mind fly higher and higher. Maybe I agree with the quote, “Time is Achievement “. It’s about 3 years ago, When I came to Jekarda, begin a new chapter of my real life. I’m being a parts of Indonesian Accountancy College (STAN) as a new student. Focused in majority of appraiser and taxes, I find a new family, new friends, new life. Whatever I’ve been done in the past of 3 years, It made me know that I’m grow up from everything happened, and now I’m a different man.

A lovely sunshine warmed my heart on the Judicium day. Seing my friends used white blouse with black tie on that day, remembered me when we got an orientation before being a new student legally, We called it, DINAMIKA. After registration, I got the first line, sit down and meet the other friends. In my own I feel that I’m still a beginner, you know, This Graduation isn’t the end, It’s just a beginning for the next my life chapter.

The Yudisium’s started by singing Indonesia Raya, Mind you, in every moment of nationalism, we never could forget this awesome song. The song that made us as ONE, That’s why I’m proud being IndONEsian. Then the ceremony continued by speech by Mr. Kusmono, our Taxes and Appraiser Majority Principal. In his speech, he remembered us “Five values of Treasury Ministry”. There’re Integrity, Profesionalism, Inovation, Team Work, and Perfectly. He also read the closing statement of Judicium. “It’s so hard to say Good Bye with You all, I’m just said Welcome  fresh alumny of Taxes and Appraiser STAN 2011”

“You’ve Got a Friend” singing perfectly by my friend, Hilman Butar-Butar close the Judicium Ceremony. You know my feeling guys, I can’t say anything, I wanna cry. I’m seeing our best effort for all along 3 years, doing the best, give the best we can give, be the best of we are. But mind you, It’s no matter how genius you are, The most important is, You can see the most beautiful smile of your friends on the moment. The moment that never forget in my life time.

Thanks for everything God, my lovely parents, STAN secretariat,( Mr. Kusmanadji, Mr. Kusmono, Mbak Inung, Mbak Ayu, Mas Faris, etc), KMHB (Keluarga Besar Mahasiswa Hindu Budha) STAN, All of My lecturers, My Appraiser and Taxes 2008 Big Family, and my friends who always supported me along the time. I’m nothing without you guys. Thanks for being my life story.


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